Jinder Mahal Defended His Recent Physical Transformation

05.26.17 11 months ago 21 Comments


For months, there have been mumblings and grumblings from WWE fans about Jinder Mahal’s crazy new body that he’s been cultivating since making his return to the company. He’s been very proud of the shape he’s in, and has continually defended himself and shot down accusations of steroid use on his Instagram account and elsewhere, saying that no one out-trains him and no one out-diets him.

And now he’s WWE Champion!

Now that he’s pretty much everywhere and making some serious media rounds as the new face of Smackdown Live, Mahal is going to be fielding questions about his physical transformation a lot, but he’s definitely ready with his responses.

In an interview with The Times of India, Mahal talked about the numerous times he’s been tested since returning to WWE and has never failed a single one.

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