Jinder Mahal Defended His Recent Physical Transformation

For months, there have been mumblings and grumblings from WWE fans about Jinder Mahal’s crazy new body that he’s been cultivating since making his return to the company. He’s been very proud of the shape he’s in, and has continually defended himself and shot down accusations of steroid use on his Instagram account and elsewhere, saying that no one out-trains him and no one out-diets him.

And now he’s WWE Champion!

Now that he’s pretty much everywhere and making some serious media rounds as the new face of Smackdown Live, Mahal is going to be fielding questions about his physical transformation a lot, but he’s definitely ready with his responses.

In an interview with The Times of India, Mahal talked about the numerous times he’s been tested since returning to WWE and has never failed a single one.

There was a drastic physical transformation in you during this run with WWE and lot of questions were being raised on that transformation, you think this win has put to rest all that criticism?

I don’t know what kind of criticism that was. I worked hard in the gym a lot. All the WWE talents are drug tested by a third-party agency and I have been tested multiple times and never had an issue, so you know my transformation is all diet, all hard work. I am a tested athlete like every other WWE wrestler. I have no special privilege; nothing like that. I look like an athlete, I perform like an athlete, I carry myself like an athlete and WWE was not hesitant to put me in a WWE title match.

Of course, there are a lot of other extremely muscular WWE personalities who have also never failed a Wellness Policy test. And there are super duper high-profile champions like Roman Reigns who have. So it’s likely that everyone is telling the truth. At any rate, it’s very evident that Mahal trains like a madman, no matter what the situation is here. And he DOES look like and athlete! He’s right!

We’re just at the very beginning of the Jinder Mahal Era, so let’s buckle up for the ride. Long may he vein. Er, reign.