Stephanie McMahon Believes Jinder Mahal’s WWE Title Reign Was A Huge Success

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03.30.18 24 Comments

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It’s possible that there’s no WWE move more polarizing from the past few years than when Jinder Mahal became the 50th WWE Champion. Well, maybe “polarizing” isn’t the right word, because very few fans were outspoken about liking that decision. (And yes, I am one of those very few.)

All told, Mahal ended up holding the title for nearly six months, and held it for a lot longer than a lot of actual Hall of Famers ever did. The decision to put the belt on Mahal reportedly had a lot to do with WWE trying to break into the Indian market, but by the time WWE actually traveled to India, Mahal was no longer a world champion.

And then he lost to Triple H in India.

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