Jinder Mahal Says He Has Creative Control For His WWE Championship Reign

Jinder Mahal has now held the WWE Championship for well over 50 days. Nearly two months, actually. That’s the new status quo over on Smackdown Live, and we’re gearing up for an honest-to-god Punjabi Prison match in the year 2017. Most fans agree at this point (or at least, this is what I’ve experienced; I’m willing to admit I have the wrong take on this entirely) that Mahal has come into his own as a world title act with the Singh Brothers, bamboo prisons notwithstanding.

In a new interview with India Today, Mahal dropped a really interesting tidbit about what’s happening behind the scenes during his title run: apparently he has a good amount of creative control with his storylines, promos, and everything else. Vince McMahon still has the final word on everything, obviously, but he says that he and Vince have “a good relationship.” Geez, I hope so, buddy. You’re the champ!

I do have creative control but also Vince (McMann) gives advice and ideas and I take them. Vince has experience and he has made the biggest sports entertainment in the history. He has made WWE into a global phenomenon. I have a good relation with Vince, he trusts me on the microphone, with my matches, which will only increase with time. I personally want to seek Vince’s advice.

Mahal also said he would love to come to India while still holding the WWE Championship, but there are no dates currently scheduled for WWE to do an Indian tour. It’s actually possible that even if Mahal loses the title at SummerSlam, as most are expecting, he might just win the thing again one day. Maybe just in time for one of those swell Indian tours!

Jinder Mahal might be a multi-time WWE Champion at some point. The only thing weird about that is … how not-weird it seems at this point.