Joe Rogan Believes CM Punk’s UFC Career Is ‘Delusional’ And ‘Offensive’

Former WWE star turned wannabe MMA fighter CM Punk is currently campaigning to get another fight with the UFC, and if the UFC doesn’t want to give it to him, he’ll take his less than stellar MMA skill set butvery potent pay-per-view selling abilities elsewhere. That makes it pretty likely that the UFC may actually give him another fight, despite the fact that he got smashed pretty thoroughly in his first bout against Mickey Gall. Gall was pretty much signed specifically to fight Punk, so there’s not much lower Punk can go to find himself a realistic opponent … unless we go the celebrity route.

It’s all getting a little ridiculous, and one person that’s clearly not impressed by all this CM Punk in the UFC stuff is UFC commentator Joe Rogan. He went off on the subject in a recent podcast.

“Not to pick on CM Punk,” he said, before picking on CM Punk. “But the idea that CM Punk, with no competition experience whatsoever, is going to fight professionally in the biggest organization in the world? It’s a little offensive”

“It’s contrary to everything anyone has ever learned about learning and teaching and getting better at martial arts. You don’t just jump into the deep end of the pool when you’re not some physical freak like Brock Lesnar or something like that. You’re talking about a guy that’s a good athlete, but CM Punk … there’s nothing unbelievable about him. He’s not some freak of nature. So I think if this guy really did want to do this and do it the right way, get him to go through it the right way like everyone else would. Get him to go through smaller organizations. Get him to learn martial arts properly.”

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“I would never stop CM Punk from competing,” Rogan continued. “What I would say is ‘Hey man, have a f**king jiu jitsu match. Have a submission grappling match. Have an amateur kickboxing match. [He did it] because he got a f**kload of money and he thought he could do it. Because he’s a strong man, he’s got a strong mind. He’s one of those straight edge guys that thinks hard work pays off and just went out there. He’s a huge celebrity and he thought he could ride that to a new career in the UFC. That’s like saying you’re just gonna jump into NASCAR when you’ve never raced a car before. You’re gonna wind up dead … It’s delusional!”

It may be delusional, but all signs point to Punk continuing to fight in the UFC … at least for his next fight. He actually managed to get out of his fight with Mickey Gall without taking too much horrific damage, but he may not be so lucky next time. A head kick to the kisser or five muay thai knees to the nose can really mess you up, and it’s only a matter of time before Punk ends up on the wrong end of one of these devestating maeneuvers.

We’re all for someone chasing their dream, but MMA has a very real no messing around dose of reality cooked right into it. Joe ain’t wrong, and Punk’s likely to get himself seriously hurt if he continues to fight in the UFC. On the plus side, maybe it will serve as a warning to other would-be celebrity MMA fighters?