Joey Ryan And His Viral Junk Are Joining The Cast Of Lucha Underground

Joey Ryan is well known for a lot of things — intergender wrestling, speaking out against Bill DeMott’s egregious abuses as WWE Performance Center Head Coach, all things sleazy/blow pop-related. By now, however, you and all your friends who don’t watch wrestling know him best as the guy with the strongest dick in the world, because wrestling is weird and wonderful and shockingly full of penis-related shenanigans. Now, Ryan and his junk are headed to the second season of Lucha Underground. The With Spandex favorite gave us his thoughts on joining the cast of the critically acclaimed El Rey show:

One of the biggest things that drew me to Lucha Underground was their re-branding of wrestling in a way as to not insult their audience’s intelligence. We are storytellers and we can tell our stories without trying to fool or trick the fans of it. We can invite them in and allow them to suspend their disbelief the same way they would do for any TV show or movie. They can know it’s scripted and be included in that rather than that being a deterrent to watch or a derogatory comment of it and I think that’s groundbreaking for the industry.

We all love and believe in the magic of Lucha Underground, but part of me is kinda sad that it’s too late for a Shop TNA-style Christmas Lucha Underground vignette, with a bewildered and slightly disappointed Dario Cueto looking on in the background. Never forget, folks. Never forget: