John Cena Went On ‘Ellen’ To Talk About ‘Fast & Furious 9’ And His Evolving Fashion Sense

WWE Superstar and legit movie star John Cena appeared on The Ellen Show to discuss a wide variety of topics, from his wrestling career to his charity work. He did address the most recent movie he’s shot, although there clearly wasn’t much he could say:

ELLEN: You just got back from London.
CENA: Yes!
CENA: What are you doing in London?
CENA: Filming the latest installment of the Fast & Furious franchise. Fast 9.
ELLEN: Wow, so… And this is the first time you’ve been in the Fast & Furious, right?
CENA: That is correct.
ELLEN: Yeah, that’s a good franchise to join, isn’t it?
CENA: So they tell me.
CENA: Yes indeed.
ELLEN: How long have you been shooting that?
CENA: Since June.
ELLEN: And it’s been going well?
CENA: Yeah, just been living in London since June.
ELLEN: What are you playing, can you tell us yet, or no?
CENA: I cannot.
ELLEN: Okay, fine. Thanks for being here!

Obviously we’ll have to wait until closer to release to learn what Cena’s doing in that movie, but it’s pretty much guaranteed to be something fun. Cena also talked about being bullied as a kid for the way he dressed, which took some explaining (and an illustrative photo) since modern-day Cena was of course wearing a very nice suit on the show.

ELLEN: So you were picked on as a kid, and for what reason?
CENA: Well as you can see I have a very peculiar fashion sense.
ELLEN: I don’t think it’s peculiar.

The Ellen Show

CENA: So I lived in a very small town and that is like the tamest of outfits. The oversized fedora, the undersized tank top, and the jam shorts were like the tamest. I used to wear airbrushed overalls, the MC Hammer pants, used to wear my shirts backwards, keep all the tags on my clothes.
ELLEN: The backwards thing was Kris Kross, right?
CENA: Yes, they made me jump jump.
[audience cheers]
CENA: There’s a lot of Kris Kross fans here, that’s amazing!