Jon Stewart Explained SummerSlam And Got Dropped By John Cena On WWE Raw

At WWE SummerSlam, former Daily Show host Jon Stewart got physically involved in the “winner take all” champion vs. champion match between United States Champion John Cena and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, attacking Cena with a chair and giving Rollins the victory. Stewart and Rollins had been feuding for months on their respective shows, but had recently made nice after one of Stewart’s final episodes.

On Raw, Stewart returned to the WWE ring to explain himself, revealing that he attacked Cena to help preserve WWE Hall of Famer “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair’s record of being a 16-time world champion. Cena’s sitting on 15, and a victory over Rollins would’ve tied the record. Stewart’s explanation was answered by “The Nature Boy” himself, who explained that he appreciates the support, but that Stewart had accidentally ruined everything.

That brought out Cena, who confronted Stewart about ruining his match and handing over the United States Championship to The Authority. Then, in the style of Kevin Federline, Cena hit an Attitude Adjustment and left him lying in the ring. A clear message has been sent to the next cable comedy show host who thinks it’s his job to protect a wrestler’s legacy.