The Big Show Owes His New, Shredded Physique To A John Cena Zinger

03.03.17 2 years ago 5 Comments

At 45 years old, The Big Show is is in some of the best shape of his life. Though he’s one of the quieter WWE Superstars on social media, the giant has been actively documenting his progress in what fitness professionals technically refer to as “getting shredded as heck.” The part-time performer has has a whole new look, and unlike El Gigante’s airbrushed abs, these ones are for real.

Big Show revealed to The Daily Mail that he’s lost 70 pounds during his new training regimen. His motivation? A joke from John Cena.

We were talking about getting in shape and I said, “Ah, what the hell is a giant gonna do with abs?” John looked at me with a straight face and said, “Yeah. A giant with abs. That wouldn’t be marketable at all.” And he walked off. It was kind of a shot, but [later] John reached out and congratulated me on the work I’ve done. That meant a lot. To have that respect from him was a big boost.

So there you have it. All it takes to create an enviable amount of motivation and confidence is desperately wanting to be liked by John Cena. WWE Superstars! They’re just like us!

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