WWE Superstars John Cena and Charlotte Flair Make SI’s ‘Fittest 50’ List

According to Sports Illustrated, they “searched gyms, fields, courts, tracks and trails around the world” to compile this year’s list of the top 50 most fit athletes in the world. While at no point do they call them the ‘Top Fitty’ (as they should), they did select two of WWE’s most decorated Superstars for their ‘Fittest Fifty’ list.

Newly minted author Charlotte Flair ranked for a second consecutive year, coming in at No. 29:

Ashley Fliehr, aka Charlotte, is more than just a WWE star. She competed internationally in gymnastics for seven years, won three cheerleading national championships, played volleyball and basketball and did swimming, diving, ballet and track and field. She’s an all-around athlete and goes all-in on workouts so she can perform in the ring. — via SI

Simone Biles took home the top spot for the women, whereas Christiano Ronaldo walked away on his weird lumpy legs with top slot on the men’s list. Speaking of, the No. 24 spot on that same list went to 16-time World Champion and consummate morning show host John Cena:

Don’t sleep on Cena just because he’s part of WWE. The 6’ 1”, 251-pound all-around athlete holds the record for most WWE Championship reigns with 13 and has pulled off some impressive fitness feats, both in and out of the ring, including squatting nearly double his body weight. — via SI

The “just because he’s part of WWE” caveat is a bit weird given that almost everyone in the company is shredded as hell, but if you’ve ever gotten lost in a wormhole of John Cena squatting hundreds of pounds like I did roughly fifteen minutes ago, he more than deserves to rank high on this list. Here he is in 2015 squatting 611lbs. That’s like, almost five times my bodyweight. FIVE DANIELLES: