John Cena ‘Would Love To Be A Dad’ Now That He’s Older And Wiser

06.04.18 12 months ago 6 Comments


John Cena and Nikki Bella are reportedly back together after more than a month of separation that coincidentally took place around the premiere of Season 3 of Total Bellas. The two have been spotted together and seem to be back on track after calling off their wedding in what became quite the media circus around the circumstances of why they split up.

There were numerous reports about what happened, but it wasn’t until Cena tipped back some wine with Hoda and Kathie Lee on Today
that we heard his side of the story. In that emotional and, at times, painful interview, Cena said he wanted to get back with Nikki, still wanted to marry her, and that he wanted to be the father of her children.

That last part was stunning to many given Cena’s lack of enthusiasm about potential fatherhood in the future was the biggest sticking point in their relationship. Now, it seems Cena’s done a complete about face with regards to being a dad, confirming that change to TMZ recently, when approached on the streets and asked about it.

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