John Cena Will Lend His Voice To A Cartoon About Sassy Space Truckers

The non-WWE opportunities for John Cena keep piling up.

Already in the past month we’ve heard about Cena joining the Transformers film universe in a Bumblebee movie and being eyed for a gritty Knight Rider reboot, and now the “part-timer who does this better than you can full-time” will go even more part-time as one of the leads in a new animated series for YouTube Red.

Per Deadline, Big Animation John will co-star with one broke girl, Kat Dennings, in Dallas & Robo. The description makes it sound a little more like a blue-collar Rick and Morty than it probably wants to.

Part space adventure and part buddy comedy, the series created by Mike Roberts (BoJack Horseman, F is For Family) follows a sassy space-trucker Dallas (Dennings) and self-proclaimed warrior-poet Robo (Cena) who have to navigate their way around cannibal bikers, rival space truckers and vending machine burritos as they try to make a buck in the seedy world of interplanetary big rigging. The series is set to debut exclusively on YouTube Red in 2018.

If the past few weeks of Raw have been any indication, the producers better get used to Cena standing in the back of the room, making faces and yelling at them for not being good enough at making cartoons. Here’s what John(‘s agent) had to say about the show:

“I’m thrilled to join Kat and the rest of this fantastic voice cast for Dallas and Robo. The writing for this series is flat-out funny and very creative, and I’m really looking forward to being a part of such a unique, entertaining project.”

Hey, we’re willing to give anything BoJack Horseman-related a try. How much longer before these projects become too much of a priority, and Cena’s got no time for WWE?