Will John Cena Be The Next WWE Superstar To Donate His Brain To Concussion Researchers?

A very nervous TMZ photog caught up with John Cena on Tuesday night. Cena politely and patiently fielded the stuttering questions about that time Justin Bieber almost wrestled in WWE, and whether or not he’d donate his brain to science.

Cena doesn’t give a hard yes, but goes on to explain in the most John Cena way possible:

If I could do something after I exist to further help the existence of mankind to come, yeah, I think I might.

Cena acknowledges that anyone who works in a field where physical contact occurs is at risk for a concussion, which is already light years away from delusional football elder god Jerry Jones’ very wrong public opinions.

Recently, WWE legends Kevin Nash, Jeff Hardy, and Mick Foley announced that they would be donating their brains to help further concussion studies.

There’s still so much to learn in the field of concussion research. Most physicians aren’t even aware that concussions affect children and women differently than adult males because the science is so new, and almost singularly focused on male athletes. A posthumously-donated brain from anyone who suffered/is at risk for a traumatic brain injury could contribute to huge breakthroughs.

Despite his appearance at WrestleMania 32, John Cena is still off of television, and in the process of recovering from his shoulder surgery back in January.