John Cena Gave One Of The Best ESPY Awards Monologues That You’ll Ever See

John Cena is hosting the 2016 ESPY Awards. It makes all the sense that Cena – who is a funny, charming person good at keeping large amounts of people captivated when he isn’t pointing out that some people like him and some people don’t – is hosting an awards show, and even though he said that he’s “pretty terrified” of doing this, you wouldn’t be able to tell based on his monologue.

This is the Cena that comes out every now and then on WWE programming, and when we see him take on this form, it’s always fun. The ESPYs monologue always features a ton of sports jokes, understandably, and as a sports fan with a good sense of humor, we got to see that side of Cena for a few minutes on Wednesday night. He joked about all of the major stories in sports over the last year and, of course, professional wrestling (he compared every sport to WWE, which was pretty great). In the lexicon of ESPY monologues, it’s pretty high up there, and we’re sure that this is one that people will watch in clips for years to come.

You can usually tell how much fun an awards show is going to be by the host’s monologue, and if this is any indication, the 2016 ESPY Awards are in good hands. As long as Cena doesn’t try to hit Scott Van Pelt with an AA in an attempt to take over the midnight edition of SportsCenter (odds on that: 15:1), it should be a fun night.