John Cena Asked A Judge To Dismiss The Lawsuit Filed Against Him By Ford


John Cena is going through a little bit of a transition these days. Whatever weird midyear crisis he’s currently going through over on Raw is just a symptom of the fact that he’s phasing out of being a full-time wrestler (and hasn’t really been a full-time wrestler for a couple of years now.

In addition to his WWE responsibilities, his tireless charity work, his role as a reality TV star and television producer, and his endless stream of movies, he’s remaining high-profile by hosting awards shows and officiating weddings. Why, he probably barely has any time at all for his true love: cars.

If you weren’t aware, Cena is a massive car geek and collector, particularly when it comes to American muscle cars. Last year, word got out that the Ford Motor Company is suing Cena because he resold a one-of-a-kind car for a profit less than a month after buying it, despite the fact that he had signed an agreement not to resell the car for at least two years.

You would think that this seems like a slam-dunk open-and-shut case for Ford, but not so fast: they should have known that Cena ALWAYS kicks out at two, and ALWAYS overcomes the odds.

According to TMZ, Cena is asking a judge to throw out the lawsuit, claiming the final contract he actually signed with Ford when purchasing the vehicle didn’t actually include that 24-month no-resell clause. As TMZ puts it:

Cena says Ford screwed up by not putting the sale restriction in the final binding contract — and he shouldn’t be punished because they suck at paperwork.

“You suck at paperwork” officially ranks as one of the best burns John Cena has ever delivered. (Keeping in mind that you must grade on a scale of John Cena burns, which generally range from “this guy’s breath smells like doo-doo” to Photoshopping someone’s face onto a rhino’s butt.)