John Cena Asked A Judge To Dismiss The Lawsuit Filed Against Him By Ford

Senior Editor, Sports
02.15.18 8 Comments


John Cena is going through a little bit of a transition these days. Whatever weird midyear crisis he’s currently going through over on Raw is just a symptom of the fact that he’s phasing out of being a full-time wrestler (and hasn’t really been a full-time wrestler for a couple of years now.

In addition to his WWE responsibilities, his tireless charity work, his role as a reality TV star and television producer, and his endless stream of movies, he’s remaining high-profile by hosting awards shows and officiating weddings. Why, he probably barely has any time at all for his true love: cars.

If you weren’t aware, Cena is a massive car geek and collector, particularly when it comes to American muscle cars. Last year, word got out that the Ford Motor Company is suing Cena because he resold a one-of-a-kind car for a profit less than a month after buying it, despite the fact that he had signed an agreement not to resell the car for at least two years.

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