John Cena Learns How To Grill The Perfect Hamburger

John Cena is still posted up at TODAY, lugging around 757s like it’s no big deal and doling out life hacks like saying “life hack” is still a thing. After teaching us how to properly store Christmas trees after the holidays, it’s time to move on to a more weather-appropriate topic: Memorial Day barbecuing!

I love segments like these, because not only do we get to find out actual helpful tips for ripening avocados (my method is never buying them, and it never fails), but also delightful and random John Cena facts. Did you know he hates shucking corn? No! How would we? But is that now a canonical John Cena tidbit of information I’ll probably treasure forever? Of course it is!

I still maintain that John Cena on TODAY is the best possible John Cena. He doesn’t call anyone names, he plays with baby animals, and he gets so pumped at the idea of adding blueberry preserves to a barbecue sauce. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather watch his face contort in disbelief at the idea of adding ice cubes to your burger to keep it moist than his face after trouncing any of my WWE favorites. Morning show John Cena forever!