John Cena Rode A Hobby Horse While Answering Country Music Trivia On ‘TODAY’

Not long after discussing the ethical problems with manipulating the DNA of a human embryo and teaching you how to juice an entire watermelon in seconds, TODAY welcomed back its favourite WWE Superstar. John Cena has become a delightful regular fixture on the NBC morning show, and rightly so. When he’s not making Hoda and Kathie Lee slide off their chairs, he’s busy playing with baby animals, and getting all nutted up over adding blueberries to barbecue sauce. As I’ve said before, Morning Show John Cena is the best possible John Cena, and nothing else even comes close.

Early Monday morning, Cena brought his boyish charm and unreasonably gigantic hands back to the TODAY studio alongside Brett Eldredge, a country singer of somewhat notable fame, according to Google. Never ones to shy away from putting Cena into the weird zone, show producers opted to have Eldredge host a country music trivia contest that involves Cena and his co-hosts pretending to ride on hobby horses. Sure, why not? Whatever keeps Pepe from selling 8x10s in the subway.

While I’m intensely disappointed that Cena didn’t get to answer the question involving Florida Georgia Line (who have appeared in WWE so many times they should be called Flo-Rida Georgia Line), who can be mad when he references Smokey and the Bandit and makes his hobby horse take a hay break?

Somewhere backstage Hoda is gently pawing at a monitor with one hand, swilling wine with the other. Girl, calm down. You’re gonna freak out the interns.