Watch John Cena Take On Jimmy Fallon In An Epic Game Of ‘Sticky Balls’

With rumors circulating that John Cena’s recovery from shoulder surgery would not only cause him to miss WrestleMania, but keep him on the shelf until July, it’s important from time to time to check in on his physical well-being. Current status: doing pretty well in a game of ‘Sticky Balls’ on Tuesday’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The synopsis:

Jimmy and John Cena slip into Velcro suits and attempt to stick as many balls to each other as possible before time runs up.

This is easily the best Jimmy/John moment since Brock Lesnar’s shorts.

There’s a bit of a controversy, however, as it appears Fallon over-counted his balls. There’s also a conversation in the YouTube comments about how him rolling around on the ground after getting hit was an illegal technique to shake balls off of his suit. Jimmy already had to apologize to Cena once for saying he didn’t expect him to be funny in Trainwreck and Sisters, and now this.

Remember what happened to the last late night comedian who truly crossed John Cena, Jimmy, that’s all I’m saying.