John Cena Might Be Getting The Lead Role In Another Big Movie Franchise

John Cena’s connection to Hollywood grows every year as he’s gotten roles in mainstream movies such as Trainwreck and Sisters in the last couple of years. Cena also has roles in new films coming out in the next couple of years like Daddy’s Home 2, The Pact and he landed a huge role in the Transformers spinoff Bumblebee.

The 40-year-old Cena also returned to the WWE Raw brand this past Monday night as the 16-time WWE World Champion is set to take on new challengers in WWE such as Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe and possibly Braun Strowman down the line. Cena has said he’s not a part-timer even though he takes time off for movies and to film TV shows like American Grit, Cena claims he’s an all-timer in WWE. He’s certainly an all-time great in WWE although the “part-timer” phrase also fits him as well.

Cena’s film career could be heading to the next level because ScreenRant reports that Cena is being targeted in the lead role for the new Knight Rider movie. Cena may land the role of Michael Knight, which was played by David Hasselhoff when Knight Rider was a TV show from 1982 to 1986. Here’s how ScreenRant explained it:

For the role of Knight, the studio is hoping to get WWE star John Cena, while omnipresent comedian Kevin Hart is seen as a possibility for the voice of KITT. It’s important to note that neither has been officially cast, and the Weinstein Company is simply interested in getting them onboard. If nothing else, this gives fans an idea of the tone the studio is looking for, combining Cena’s tough-guy action hero with Hart’s sense of humor.

As ScreenRant noted, it’s not official yet, but the fact that Cena’s name got out there with Kevin Hart shows that there is definitely some interest in the WWE star. As for Hart, it wouldn’t be his first film with a major wrestling star because he’s done multiple films with another former WWE Champion, The Rock.

For now, take it as a hot rumor that could be a major launching point for Cena’s career as a mainstream actor.