John Cena Needed A Life Coach, So He Got ‘Ghostbusters’ Star Leslie Jones

Remember that time when John Cena was off Raw for, like, six months due to injury and how, despite Vince McMahon’s serious concerns, the Earth continued to revolve around the sun and gravity didn’t suddenly stop working? Yeah, well, that sh*t’s over now: John Cena’s health meter is fully recharged and he is officially up for every single possible media appearance and viral video.

With Cena’s ESPYs hosting debut kicking off mere hours from now, he managed to find a few minutes in his day to sit down with SNL breakout Leslie Jones, who he has enlisted as his new life coach. (Hmm, I wonder where he got that idea from …)

The Ghostbusters star helps prep the 15-time world champion for the ESPYs by running him through a whole host of “what-if” scenarios, including a poorly timed joke about the Toronto Blue Jays and Draymond Green getting into a fight in the audience. (Heads up, comedy writers: I think Mr. Green might miss this year’s ceremony.) Regardless, it’s pretty funny, and if you were a fan of seeing Cena’s posterior in Trainwreck, you get a little bit of that here too.

So yeah, Leslie Jones might not be the perfect life coach, but on the plus side, John, if you just stick with it for eight weeks or so, you just might end up with an Intercontinental Championship title opportunity by default. It’s the one belt you’ve never held in WWE, dogg! Ride this one out for your legacy.

If you didn’t enjoy that saucy goodness enough, they also released a bonus scene where Jones teaches Cena how to dance: