John Cena Stopped His Match On Raw To Acknowledge A Marriage Proposal In The Crowd

You know that “anything can happen in WWE” slogan? It includes marriage proposals. It’s not the first proposal in Raw history, but it might be the most unexpected.

During the United States Championship match between champion John Cena and challenger Dolph Ziggler, Cena stopped the action to acknowledge a “yes” chant in the crowd. Cena noticed a big SHE SAID YES sign and congratulated the couple — him in a Seth Rollins shirt, her wearing Dean Ambrose, proving that true love can conquer anything. If Roman Reigns fist-bumps them later in the show, can we count that as a Shield reunion?

Anyway, the match then continued, and two members of the WWE Universe got a clip they’ll show people for the rest of their lives. Pretty cool. This year we’ve learned that any time Cena stops what he’s doing and goes into the crowd, something special’s about to happen. We wish the best to the happy couple, and hope their wedding is not interrupted by schizophrenic, demonic middle-management workers or cultist swampbillies.