Watch John Cena Decimate Michael Strahan In This Incredibly Awkward Rap Battle

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John Cena was on Live! With Kelly and Michael Tuesday to promote WWE Battleground, as well as his run in the new Amy Schumer flick Trainwreck. While we didn’t get another in-depth description of Cena’s fake boner in the film (it might be a little much for the septuagenarian crowd) (or just enough *shudder*), we did get an actual train wreck in the form of a rap battle. That’s some good cross-promotion right there.

Kelly provided a debteable ‘beat,’ beat, while Michael Strahan proved exactly why he should probably just stick to his day job of interviewing celebrities while precariously perched on a chair that’s taller than I am. So kick back, relax, and get your daily requirement of secondhand embarrassment.