Watch John Cena’s Mom Break Some Backs In A New Hefty Commercial

Wrestling fans are intimately familiar with John Cena’s dad. The guy is a fixture on the northeast indie scene, but he’s also been a central character in a couple of Cena’s WWE storylines from years back. You might have noticed Cena’s mother, Carol, standing in the back clapping and/or looking horrified during those segments, but really the money was in John Cena Sr.. That is … until now.

Last year, Hefty launched a series of commercials with John Cena as their new pitchman (and Rob Schneider as a guy who gets roundly mocked for being less muscular than John Cena, which is all of us). This year, they damn done did it again, but now it’s Carol Cena getting into the action, committing both battery AND assault in the middle of the day in a grocery store, just because someone was thinking about buying non-Hefty-brand trash bags.

Since Carol opted to use the camel clutch — or the Accolade, if you prefer — could this be foreshadowing that Rusev will win his flag match against Cena at Battleground? Or that Carol is actually Rusev’s mother, not John’s? Nah, it’s just an easy move that anyone can do!

But this commercial serves as a grim warning: don’t pick up Wimpy brand trash bags, or John Cena’s mother will fly out of nowhere and END YOU.

Great, like I don’t have enough to be worried about already when I’m at the store.