John Cena Reportedly ‘Ruined’ His Relationship With Nikki Bella Before Their Breakup


I’ll be perfectly honest with you: we here at With Spandex HQ are still reeling from the news that John Cena and Nikki Bella have called an end to their relationship after six years, seven seasons of Total Divas, soon to be three seasons of Total Bellas, and one of the most-publicized marriage proposals this side of a Bachelor finale.

The timing of them announcing their breakup is liiiiiiightly suspect, as the news breaks just about a month before the Total Bellas season 3 premiere on May 20. And of course, a massive part of the third season of the reality show has been hyped as Cena and Bella having some intense relationship issues, and seemingly pondering calling the whole thing off.

But here to add some fuel to the “no, this is all quite real” fire is a close inside source talking to about how Cena is a selfish jerk who revealed his true colors when he broke off the engagement and the relationship, “ruining” what was the happiest time in Nikki’s life to date.

The source states the following:

“She never gave him an ultimatum. He talked a really good game about having changed, about having his priorities straight, about knowing what’s important, and that it was her. But as the day got closer, it was like he just went back to who he’s always been — which is someone who puts himself first, always,” the insider says. “He’s an incredibly dedicated, driven, ambitious guy. And for the longest time he said he didn’t think he had room in his life for a spouse or kids. It seems like in the end that was still the truth.”

The source continues, “But in that case, he never should’ve proposed, let alone in front of millions of people. Now she’s heartbroken.”

“This was supposed to be the happiest time of her life,” the source adds. “He ruined it and blew everything up.”

Work or shoot, this is all perfectly in line with what we have come to know about John Cena as we’ve seen on his two reality shows. (Or at the very least, it’s consistent with the character John Cena is playing on those shows, because we’re not entirely sure that we’ve ever actually seen the actual John Cena.

This isn’t going to stop the debate about whether this breakup is on the level, but our depression over the two going their separate ways is QUITE real, and that’s just so devastating that it doesn’t actually matter what the truth is.

The point is: Miz won.