John Cena Talked NXT, His Similarities To Tom Brady And Make-A-Wish On SportsCenter

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So, thanks to Jonathan Coachman, who somehow managed to shake off the wrestling stigma and become a legit sportscaster, WWE and ESPN are now good buddies. Last week WWE Champion Seth Rollins appeared on SportsCenter, and this week it was John Cena’s time.

Cena started out the interview by calling Jonathan Coachman one of the biggest stars in WWE history with a surprisingly straight face, because literally anybody who was around during the Attitude Era is a bigger deal than the current stars. They then moved on to Cena’s seldom-discussed collegiate football past, complete with a few charmingly goobery pictures of young John.

Coachman then compared Cena to Tom Brady, and that’s when the clearly pre-written WWE comedy started.

“Me and Tom Brady? That’s easy. Both of our bosses are extremely well-dressed, Tom Brady was in the movie Ted 2, I saw Ted 2, both of us enjoy fine soup and our favorite scented candle is Pomegranate Noir.”

Ugh. Other subjects touch on included Make-A-Wish, Susan G. Komen and whether NXT, which Cena put over strong, was home to the next John Cena.

I suppose WWE being featured on a legit sports channel like ESPN is a big deal, but these interviews just feel like run-of-the-mill WWE-produced content. There’s no outside perspective or tough questions, it’s just Jonathan Coachman lobbing softballs and setting up Cena jokez. Up here in Canada, the sports channels have always covered wrestling, and that’s sometimes resulted in some interesting outside-the-box interviews and coverage. Hopefully we move on from the glad-handing to something more compelling eventually.

(Via ESPN)