John Cena Covered The Pixies On Piano In A Bizarre New Video

It’s become kind of a running joke that John Cena can literally do anything. Become a legitimate Hollywood star? Check. Host morning shows on network TV? You betcha. Hang with Shaq in Carpool Karaoke? Yup! Eradicate polio? Dude is on it. But advance warning: This video might legitimately break your brain.

To celebrate the Bella Twins’ YouTube channel reaching a whopping 900,000 subscribers, they uploaded a high-art, black-and-white video of Mr. Hustle, Loyalty, Respect in a fancy tuxedo playing none other than “Where Is My Mind?” by legendary Boston alt-rockers the Pixies, a song probably best known for its inclusion at the end of Fight Club.

Cena’s version is surprisingly delicate and even features a bit of double-time improv where the guitar solo should be. I legitimately cannot believe this is real, but here we are.

The Bellas promise even more surprises when their channel hits one million subscribers, so let’s mash that subscribe button, fam. Hopefully, it’s Cena covering “Velouria” on accordion or “Broken Face” on kazoo or maybe “Gigantic” on glockenspiel. In fact, John, I know you’re reading this, and I officially challenge you to put out a Pixies cover record. We’re long overdue for a sequel to You Can’t See Me, don’t you think?