John Cena Essentially Said He Will Never Voluntarily Retire From WWE

05.12.17 11 months ago 11 Comments


You know the drill: some of y’all like John Cena and some of y’all don’t. Well, on second thought, I think at this point, pretty much everyone is on board with Cena being an undeniable net positive for professional wrestling, and the boo-birds that pop up when he emerges on WWE television are pretty much the same people who sing “You suck!” during Kurt Angle’s theme song; they don’t actually think he sucks, it’s just a sign of respect and signalling that you’re in on the joke.

Regardless, although Cena is currently on another Hollywood hiatus, we all know that he’ll be around for a few years still, and not just because he has a 17th world title to win and a Nikki Bella to marry. No one can argue that Cena doesn’t love wrestling to death, and while he might appear in WWE in a less full-time capacity than we’re used to, he made it clear in a new interview with Fox News that the company will have to ask him to leave, because he’ll never give it up willingly.

Wait, sorry, that’s not the right interview. Here you go:

As far as the performance level it’s definitely a business for the young and I am on the older side of young but I don’t think I’ll ever not be involved with the WWE. They will have to tell me that they no longer need my services because it is my home.

That seals it. John Cena will be in WWE in perpetuity. Here’s looking forward to him pulling off springboard stunners when he’s 60 years old, a la a beefier Terry Funk.

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