John Cena Has An Interesting Take On Why Some Wrestlers Die Young

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05.22.17 8 Comments

Luckily, we’re moving out of the era where pro wrestlers were dying in droves, and far too young. It wasn’t that long ago that we had to constantly brace for tragic, unexpected deaths from wrestlers in their 40s or younger. WWE and many other companies have moved to far safer styles of wrestling, have banned things like unnecessary weapons shots to the head, and while the Wellness Policy has its share of detractors, tales of rampant recreational drug use are nothing like we used to hear from stars of the 1980s and 1990s.

Recently, John Cena appeared on The Playback Podcast, and a conversation about the movie The Wrestler understandably led to a conversation about wrestlers dying young. Cena believes that the wrestlers who pass away before their time can owe that to “personal choice,” by which he means lifestyle decisions. (Drugs. He means drugs.)

He also made sure to praise WWE for their current focus on wrestler health and safety, but as always, you can never accuse Cena of not having a well-thought-out answer. Never. (Transcript via Wrestling Inc.)

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