John Cena Helped A Fan Out With A One-Of-A-Kind Promposal


If there’s anyone in the world who’s even marginally aware of who John Cena is, they probably know that one of his defining characteristics is helping out as many fans as possible, whenever possible. He’s blown away the record for most Make-A-Wish wishes granted, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his charity work.

So when Emily Blank, a student helper in a special needs class, needed to ask a big WWE fan to prom, she knew just who to reach out to.

Courtesy of WMC Action News 5 in Memphis, we were luckily treated to the rest of the story. It involves John Cena, so you’re probably not too surprised to learn it has a very happy ending.

WMC Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee

This is really, really sweet. In fact, you could say that this particular prom proposal was almost … too sweet.


This of course is a bit different (okay, entirely different) from the last WWE/prom item we had to cover. Remember when Big E agreed to take a fan to prom, but insisted on wearing his singlet? This is basically the opposite of that!

Still, though: if you had to tap a WWE Superstar for a promposal, who would you pick?