John Cena Spends A Whole Lot Of Time Every Day Shaving His Body

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07.17.17 9 Comments


John Cena is big on a few very specific things. Hustle, obviously. Loyalty and respect, sure. He also loves just basically being on the go constantly, and his mentality makes him uniquely equipped to do just that. I’m often wondering how Cena finds enough time in the day to accomplish everything he somehow manages to get done. It turns out I wasn’t nearly impressed enough.

In an interview with People Style, Cena shared some of his grooming habits and secrets, and you might have noticed he tends to be almost entirely hairless apart from his high-and-tight hairstyle, which varies only slightly from time to time on both the “high” and “tight” axes. Well, that level of hairlessness apparently requires a huge commitment and a significant time sink. Cena shaves his entire body, jaw to toe, every single day. And it takes him about half an hour to do so.

“I’m completely man-scaped from head to toe — from the ears down — so that takes a bit of time,” the wrestler and actor tells PeopleStyle in a new interview, adding that he spends 30 minutes to an hour a day shaving. “I’m constantly trying to stay up on fine lines in my skin and that stuff, so I’m a lot more grooming-centric than you would realize. My routine is a lot more than you would think — I’d say it’s a strong 7 ½ out of 10″

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So how exactly does he keep that unstoppable sculpted body hair-free on a daily basis? “A lot of shaving cream and a very good razor — and time,” he says. “I have a lot of surface area to cover.”

That’s over 182 hours of a given year spent shaving. Over seven and a half entire days out of John Cena’s entire year, just spent running a razor over his forearms, pits, beefy thighs, supple — well, you get the point.

That’s dedication to being smooth, man. My hat is off to him, which is good, because he’s about to throw it into the crowd. I just bought that hat, dude. Crud.

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