The Cast Of ‘Sisters’ Exchanged John Cena Fantasies On ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’

The cast of Sisters stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers and talked about a lot of things, from how much they hate Star Wars to how badly they want to get it on with John Cena. BIG MATCH JOHN.

Cena plays a tattooed drug dealer in the film, continuing his quest to become Hollywood’s most beloved comedian despite spending more than 10 years as the least funny person on Raw. He’s also got a group of comedians on a talk show talking about how they want to “climb up in that” and have him hold them in his two hands like a tea cup dog. He even made Ike Barinholtz feel “like Emma Stone” next to him.

If Cena’s response to all fantasies about him isn’t, “you want some, come get some,” I will be extremely disappointed. My new fantasy booking for Late Night with Seth Meyers (because I fantasy book late night) is for Kevin Owens to be the second guest on any episode where someone compliments John Cena this hard. I just want to see Kevin Owens cutting a promo on Tina Fey.