Watch John Cena Explain His Tattooed, Drug-Dealing Character In This New ‘Sisters’ Preview Clip

If you’re anything like me, then man, you have listened to way too many sad Tanya Tucker songs lately. That or you’re also Mojo Rawley-levels of hype for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s new movie Sisters.

John Cena plays a tattooed, drug-dealing TSA employee who flirts with Tina Fey and gets the proverbial party started. Cena gave the following description of his character, which somehow isn’t ‘all of the create-a-wrestler tattoo options from WWE 2K16 come to life in one charismatic golem’:

The meaning for my character is simple, and I’m a drug dealer. They ask us to hang out, which is probably the biggest mistake of his life. The party starts out pretty lackluster, then gets kind of cool, and then gets pretty crazy, and then becomes chaotic.


I feel like Tina Fey feeding John Cena pizza is some weird fever dream where the most important facets of my life come together. If they all started listening to Tom Waits and then the jacked old man from my gym who works out in an undershirt started talking about how much he loves fake wrestling cops, I’d totally be forced to call shenanigans.