John Cena Returned To WWE On Tough Enough And Announced His Plans For SummerSlam

John Cena made his return to WWE TV on Tuesday’s episode of Tough Enough, following the gruesome broken nose that required emergency surgery, and put the proposed title vs. title match against WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins at SummerSlam in jeopardy.

The 15-time champion offered up some wisdom to the remaining contestants, formally debuted his new gear set (in Miami Hurricanes colors… hi, Rock!) and announced his plans for SummerSlam.

Here’s the clip via WWEFanNation, if you’d like to watch it spoiler-free:

To answer the two questions you probably had before clicking this post:

1. Cena’s nose looks totally normal and fine. No dainty Michael Jackson surgery nose, as funny as that’d be.

2. Of course Cena will compete at SummerSlam. Was there ever any doubt? He even got Forever Injured Daniel Bryan to give him a Yes chant and triumphant hand gesture to emphasize the announcement. As we mentioned in our report on his surgery, Rollins could’ve shot Cena point-blank in the face with a shotgun and he’d be 100 percent and smiling a week later. The nose made him miss two Raws, but that’s it.

If a jumping knee from Rollins doesn’t get countered into an STF at SummerSlam, why are we even holding wrestling shows?