John Cena Finally Challenged The Undertaker To A WrestleMania Match

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03.12.18 13 Comments

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John Cena’s road to WrestleMania has been the subject of the past couple of months of WWE television. Somewhat ludicrously, the storyline has been that Cena’s only paths to the biggest show of the year would be if he could earn a title shot or capture a title and defend it.

He came up short at the Royal Rumble, then he came up short at Elimination Chamber, and most recently he came up short on Sunday at Fastlane.

Reportedly, the plan all along has been for Cena to finally face off against the seemingly-retired Undertaker at WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans, although we had to wait all the way until Monday’s episode of WWE Raw to get to the fireworks factory … kind of.

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