John Cena Says He Has ‘Very Big News’ This Week, So Let’s Guess What It Is

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03.07.16 41 Comments

Aside from a couple of weeks around the New Year, John Cena has been away from WWE TV since October. Alberto Del Rio returned and kicked him into hiatus, and shoulder surgery curtailed his return. Now, with WrestleMania season upon us, the wrestling world is wondering when Cena’s mutant healing factor will kick in, and whether or not he’ll be ready for an appearance at WrestleMania. Hell, some of us thought he was going to show up at the Royal Rumble.

Despite his busy schedule of trolling the Internet with random images on Instagram — CM Punk is totally coming back, you guys — Cena took to Twitter to announce that he’s “honored” to be a part of some “very big news” this week.

While the big news could be about anything from American Grit to voicing the Incredible Hulk to making another pro wrestling penguin movie, the obvious choice seems to be this week’s expected announcement of Orlando, Florida, as the site of WrestleMania 33. Alternately, they could just get Bayley to put on his shirt, hat and wristbands and make the announcement for him. She’s pretty big in Orlando.

Of course, we could speculate even bigger. A lot of us think Cena’s getting involved in something at WrestleMania, right? He’s going to run out to help Shane McMahon defeat The Undertaker, or maybe he’s going to rappel from the ceiling of AT&T Stadium in Crow makeup to point a baseball bat at Roman Reigns. Maybe he’s starting a family. Maybe he’s retiring forever! Let’s speculate as wildly as possible, then be totally cool with the WrestleMania Orlando thing.

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