John Cena Is The Voice Of ‘Ernie The Elephant,’ A Pistachio-Loving Pachyderm

We’ve already seen John Cena shill garbage bags, and we know he’s going to be the voice of a surfing penguin. Now he’s combining his loves of advertising and animation in a new ad campaign for Wonderful Pistachios, as he plays “Ernie the Elephant,” a very casual beast who loves pistachios and is apparently pretty cavalier about overloading an elevator and sending a coworker to his almost certain death.

We all know that Cena isn’t long for the world of wrestling. He’s a breakout film star who is starting to be actively coveted for big-budget movies. His television production company is going full steam ahead. And while he may still be waiting for someone to step up as the new face of WWE, he’s certainly becoming more and more popular being a crossover star, a la The Rock. We know he’s certainly got the chops for it.

So yeah, a pistachio elephant. Why not? Elephants may not be known for their hustle, but they certainly exhibit plenty of loyalty and respect. And just like John Cena, they never forget. As you can see in this second spot, Ernie definitely shares some of John Cena’s sense of humor.

Given the “Get Crackin'” slogan for Wonderful Pistachios, it’s probably only a matter of time until Jeff Jarrett is the voice of an extremely hungry beaver who demonstrates how to best “slap nuts” to get at the delicious nutmeats inside the shell.