John Cena Doesn’t Understand Why Current WWE Superstars Are So Complacent

09.28.17 6 months ago 11 Comments


John Cena isn’t shy about speaking his mind about WWE related topics. While Cena isn’t the kind of guy that will say something controversial that often, he is usually honest. Sadly, Cena doesn’t do a lot of interviews likely because he’s so busy filming movies and TV shows when he’s not in WWE, but when WWE had Talking Smack he was one of the best guests on that show because it felt like we were getting more of the real Cena. This past Sunday he was on Raw Talk after No Mercy and did a great job there too.

Recently, Cena appeared on the Edge & Christian Podcast of Awesomeness and he did a great job on the podcast. Cena wrestled Edge dozens of times in WWE and a few times with Christian as well, but most people would say Edge is one of Cena’s greatest rivals.

It was a fun talk full of laughs and stories about how Edge’s mom and Cena’s dad sat beside eachother during one of their biggest matches. I won’t give it all away, but I would recommend spending an hour of your life listening to it.

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