John Cena’s Foot Locker Commercial Defending Fake Sports Is Actually Funny

Non-wrestler John Cena continues to be my most favorite auxiliary WWE character. First, he’s on Total Divas playing a totally unrealistic Zen master who studies Chinese and faux-prays that his girlfriend’s eggs dry up and render her unable to procreate. Amy Poehler apparently thinks he’s funny. And now he’s even knocking Foot Locker commercials out of the park. Here he’s wink wink nudge nudging about how fake things are still cool and entertaining and somewhere Jim Ross is flipping over a table and talking about how the business is dead.

This also makes me think of the time Cesaro became a momma joke guy on Raw and was all “where did you get your shoes, K-Mart?” which is my favorite moment of the year. R.I.P. to the K-Mart shoes.