Johnny Impact Suffered A Nasty Injury During A ‘Muscle And Fitness’ Photo Shoot


John Hennigan (aka Johnny Impact, aka Johnny Mundo, aka Johnny Nitro, aka John Morrison) has had quite the career in pro wrestling, from being a Tough Enough winner and former Intercontinental Champion in WWE to a successful run in the indies to his more recent work on Lucha Underground and for Impact Wrestling.

In that time, he’s sustained a number of injuries, chief among them a neck injury that persisted throughout the end of his WWE run and was among the reasons he chose not to sign a new deal with WWE. However, the strangest injury in Hennigan’s career is by far his most recent one.

Hennigan posted a picture to Instagram of him in a hospital bed after he dislocated his elbow at a Muscle & Fitness photoshoot. As he says in the caption “turns out baby oil and parkour don’t mix well.”

It’s unfortunate timing for Hennigan as he had just returned to IMPACT with a Fatal Four-way win at Slammiversary after taking time away to shoot Survivor. There’s never “good” timing to dislocate your elbow, but having just returned this seems like an especially unfortunate occurrence. We don’t know the severity of the injury, beyond “dislocated elbow” or what his timetable is for a return, but we wish him a speedy recovery and hope he doesn’t have any more plans for oiled up parkour in the near future.