Johnny Mundo Jumps Way Too High And Way Too Far In This Week’s Exclusive Lucha Underground Clip

Every week we tell you to find El Rey Network somewhere (anywhere) and watch Lucha Underground, but for some of you it’s hard. You’re used to one kind of professional wrestling, and you need at least a drop of that in something new to help you relate and get into it. Maybe you wanted to watch the show, but a masked guy wearing a deer head to the ring and a reincarnated dragon man and a dancing guy with trumpets on his face was too much. Maybe you’re a fan of North American “WWE” style.

Here’s something for you. Every type of wrestling is represented in The Temple, and this week’s exclusive clip features Johnny Mundo — a guy you’d recognize — against Cage, a guy you should. It’s a match you’d expect to see on Raw with a bunch of plus signs after it. Mundo’s doing the best work of his career, and Cage is built like Mason Ryan but flies like Evan Bourne. Oh, and he can catch dudes in mid-dive and suplex them. AND HE CAN RIP CHAMPIONSHIP BELTS IN HALF.

If you’re still wondering what it’ll take to get you into this show, here’s a clip of Mundo clearing the top rope, the top turnbuckle and the dang ring post on a dive. This show’s so much fun it makes its own announce team forget they’re on live microphones and mark out.

Wednesday, February 4th at 8:00PM ET/PT on El Rey Network, Johnny Mundo returns in his first match after Aztec Warfare to challenge Cage to an epic battle in the Lucha Underground ring. Then, a surprise guest shows up to Dario Cueto’s Temple to shake things up.

Don’t worry, if this doesn’t work I’ll be back next week with another reason to watch. Trust me, I’ve got a lot left.