Let’s Take Parkour Lessons With Lucha Underground’s Johnny Mundo

While Lucha Underground’s Johnny Mundo made the press rounds in Austin, Texas, this past week, it’s pretty likely we’re the only ones who also squeezed a parkour lesson out of the man, free of charge. What we learned is that it’s quite impossible to learn how to do anything cool in under an hour with literally no training, but it is possible for someone of Mundo’s skill level to somehow execute cool moves in blue jeans.

For the uninitiated, Wikipedia defines parkour as, “a training discipline using movement that developed from military obstacle course training.” In other words, it’s that thing people do when they crawl up sides of buildings then jump on a rock with their hands then spin their body around in a couple of circles and they look perfect while doing it. Johnny Mundo is pretty much the best at it.

We also sat down and chatted with the man about his comedy ambitions, losing (and getting back) his passion for professional wrestling, the Vince McMahaon of accountants, what improv comedy and professional wrestling have in common, and where Lucha Underground ranks with other Los Angeles sports franchises.

We loved Johnny Mundo before, and this makes us love the man even more.