Here’s Your Exclusive First Look At Johnny Mundo’s Incredible Music Video From Lucha Underground

If you’ve been following Lucha Underground season 3 — if you aren’t, what’s wrong with you? How many years are we gonna have to type this? — your favorite part of the show is probably WORLDWIDE UNDERGROUND, the bandana wearing, air-guitar playing, balls-kicking crew of gymnastics enthusiasts and indie filmmaker dorks who will do anything, anything to win. Saying they’re the best part of a show that recently added a trio of female Japanese ninja assassins and a giant snake man the fans call LUCHASAURUS is really saying something, but it’s true.

We’ve made our love of the WU no secret, so the fine folks at El Rey Network agreed to let us premiere Johnny Mundo’s new music video, ‘Welcome to Slamtown.’ If you clicked the video at the top of the post without knowing what the song was called, you probably gasped when the little graphic showed up. And probably again when he started playing a bunch of musical instruments you’re pretty sure aren’t included in the song.

He’d better start using this as his entrance theme on the show. If this doesn’t become this generation’s ‘Sexy Boy,’ something is seriously wrong. Now to see if Johnny will send me one of those sweet bandanas.

(Seriously, watch Lucha Underground. Wednesdays at 8 PM EST on El Rey. So many options to watch. Do everything you can to make sure there’s a season 4, including watching this clip as many times as possible.)