John Cena Danced to Salt N’ Pepa On TODAY And Yes, It Was Glorious

Girls what’s my weakness? MEN (named John Cena on the Today show)!

By now my complete and total love of John Cena on Today is no secret. Where WWE TV-Cena leaves me rolling my eyes and waiting for his segments to end, Today-John Cena fills my heart with a weird joy that lost any hint of irony long ago. Whether it’s watching two wine-drunk older ladies rehydrate their shriveled ovaries over him first thing in the morning on national television, or the sight of his big-ass hands cradling tiny adorable animals, the morning show version of John Cena is the second best version of John Cena that exists. The first is Make-A-Wish-John Cena, for you folks at home keeping track with their your important Cena ranking system.

Though this is the first time in 12 years Cena won’t be competing at WrestleMania, he’s still loyally and respectfully hustling on the New York talk show show circuit. Last night he hit up Jimmy Fallon for a game of Sticky Balls before returning to TODAY for a second day in a row.

Does Cena dancing to Salt n’ Pepa’s ‘Push It’ make any sense? No. Does it have anything to do with pro wrestling? Naw. Is John Cena a better dancer than he is kisser? Ehhhhh, debatable. Will I watch this video a dozen more times after I publish this post? You’re goddamn right I will.