Jon Hamm Wrestled Colt Cabana, X-Pac And Rhyno In One Of The Strangest Matches Ever

Yes, this is a real thing that really happened. Jon Hamm was a special guest on the season finale of Fusion’s The Chris Gethard Show. The storyline of the episode revolved around Gethard’s nemesis, Vacation Jason, challenging Gethard’s super-team to a match. And one of Jason’s ringers was the one and only Jon Hamm, wrestling for the first time ever, while wearing a sumo suit.

Hamm and Vacation Jason teamed with a pineapple and a coconut (who greatly resembled wrestlers Brian Myers and Pat Buck, but that’s neither here nor there), while Gethard’s team included Colt Cabana, Rhyno and X-Pac. So when Hamm finally got tagged in, we got some truly bizarre television moments, like these:

The end of this barnburner of a match featured a legendary DOUBLE TURN, as Hamm waylaid the coconut and pineapple with a hula hoop. (At this point while writing, words have begun to lose all meaning.) It looked like Gethard would have the match all sewn up, but then Rhyno turned on him and his teammates, siding with Jason and nailing Gethard (a comedian, and not a wrestler) with one of the grossest Gores ever.

After the referee made the reluctant three-count, Jason disappeared Gethard forever using a magic dumpster. Yep. Just normal stuff.

Gethard is well-known in the pro wrestling community for being a longtime champion of the art form. It’s safe to say that with this Jon Hamm episode, he has achieved his life’s work.