Jon Moxley’s First AEW Match Has Been Announced


Since he showed up at Double or Nothing on Saturday, big announcements about Jon Moxley‘s wrestling career have just kept coming. We learned his arrival in New Japan Pro Wrestling had been teased for about a month and that his first match there will be for Juice Robinson’s United States Championship. Last night, All Elite Wrestling, where Moxley will work full-time come the fall, revealed who the former Dean Ambrose‘s first opponent will be in their promotion: Joey Janela.

The deathmatch indie dirtbags past and present interacted briefly at the end of the most recent episode of Being The Elite. Moxley was stalking around backstage, Janela approached him while smoking, Moxley took his cigarette and took a drag, and Janela was left breathing hard. Now they’re going to fight on June 29 at Fyter Fest!

Fyter Fest is, in addition to a parody of Fyre Fest, a wrestling show co-produced by both AEW and fighting game convention CEO and the unofficial sequel to last year’s infamous Kenny Omega-fronted CEOxNJPW event. So far, the other matches on the card are Cody vs. Darby Allin and a hardcore rematch between Michael Nakazawa and event organizer Alex Jebailey, who is not a wrestler. Unless the issues between AEW and Pac are resolved and/or were a work all along, it’s probably best to assume the previously-announced six-man tag of Omega and the Young Bucks vs. Pac and the Lucha Brothers won’t be happening.

In addition to working for AEW and NJPW this summer, Moxley will also face other AEW wrestlers at independent promotion Northeast Wrestling. He’ll take on Darby Allin on June 14 and Pentagon Jr. on August 16th. If he and Janela don’t get bloody, if not go full-on deathmatch, at the video game show, either of these matches could easily end up delivering the explicit Mox violence.