Jon Stewart Wore A Unicorn Horn And Gyrated With The New Day At WWE SummerSlam

For the second straight year, former Daily Show host Jon Stewart appeared at WWE SummerSlam. This year, Stewart didn’t involve himself in one of the main events like he did a year ago with Seth Rollins and John Cena, but he did provide assistance to the WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day by distracting Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows during their title match. He also sported the tag team’s signature head-attire, the unicorn horn, as well as a Booty O’s t-shirt.

Stewart came in to stop The Club from hitting the Magic Killer, and gave Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston time to recover on the outside. Naturally, Gallows and Anderson were none too pleased when he entered the ring and they were set to give him the same punishment that Big E suffered on Raw a few weeks ago by slamming his you-know-whats into the ring post.

Just when it looked like Stewart was about to suffer the consequences though, Big E ran out to make the save, making his surprise (ish) return.

Naturally, the foursome gyrated in the ring after the match as Jon Stewart’s nuts and The New Day’s title reign lived on to see another day.