Relive All Of Jon Stewart’s Best WWE Moments From SummerSlam And Raw

It’s been a surprisingly eventful WWE run for former The Daily Show host Jon Stewart, who has been the one of the few celebrities to not only have a heel turn, but interfere in a championship match.

With several memorable moments to recall, let’s take a look back at Stewart’s WWE run over the last few days.

Jon Stewart Calls On Mick Foley To Help Him Interview Brock Lesnar

It originally appeared as though Stewart’s appearance at SummerSlam would be only comedy-based, as he opened the show with an amusing bit with Hall of Famer Mick Foley.

Stewart said he wanted to confront Brock Lesnar about breaking the streak, but wanted some back up, so he called the hardcore legend. However, Foley thought he said ROCK, not BROCK, because he has a missing ear (*rimshot*), and nope, he is 50 and too invested in his side job of being Santa to be F5’d into oblivion, so Stewart was on his own.

Jon Stewart And Stephen Amell Get A Glimpse Of The Undertaker

[protected-iframe id=”f40db6921c08d62cdbdad3c2995ee6e5-60970621-3039052″ info=”” width=”640″ height=”359″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” webkitallowfullscreen=”” mozallowfullscreen=”” allowfullscreen=””]

Later in the show, Stewart was backstage talking to Stephen Amell (I’m sure he’s totally seen Arrow) and The Man That Gravity Forgot, Neville, when they got an up-close and personal view of the Dead Man himself, who was going to catering or something.

Stewart was telling Amell that Undertaker calls him up on a regular basis to talk about whether or not his caskets are too spooky, and, while he was being facetious, all I can picture now is Jon Stewart and The Undertaker in full gimmick going casket shopping together. Someone please put this on the WWE Network, thanks.

Jon Stewart Is Mad At Paul Heyman For Brock Breaking The Streak

In his third segment of the show, Stewart gathered up the courage to track down Brock Lesnar by himself to confront him about beating the streak.

Thankfully for Stewart, it was not the beast who answered the door, but the advocate Paul Heyman, who explained to Stewart in the most meta way possible that, sometimes, the guys you want to win wrestling matches don’t win, and you just have to get over it. Maybe the theory that Stewart’s storyline was WWE’s way of getting at smart wrestling fans is true after all.

Oh, and Paul Heyman sang “Glory Glory Brock Lesnar” to Stewart’s face, and told him that the only reason he was hosting was because “I guess we couldn’t get David Letterman.” Here is your daily reminder that Paul Heyman is the greatest.

Jon Stewart Turns Heel And Costs John Cena The WWE World Heavyweight, And United States Championships

Despite Jon Stewart’s long-standing beef with the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, he interfered on Rollins’ behalf in the champion vs. champion co-main-event of SummerSlam, when he hit John Cena with a chair and set it up for Rollins to perform the Pedigree to Cena on.

Rollins got the pin and became both the United States and WWE World Heavyweight champ, all thanks to his archrival. It’s two days later, and I’m still trying to figure out if this was the greatest or worst celebrity involvement in a WWE match (WCW celebrity matches have their own entire category of horribleness) of all-time.

Jon Stewart Tries To Explain Himself And Gets His Attitude Adjusted

Monday night on Raw, Stewart came out to the ring to explain his actions in the title-for-title match. Stewart, the long-time wrestling fan that he is, said he just couldn’t stand to see Cena, who is a 15-time world champion, tie the all-time mark record of 16 world titles held by the legendary Ric Flair.

Flair came out to tell Stewart that, basically, he was cool with Cena tying the record, and that he probably should have asked him about it first before he did that. Cena also came out and tried to do one of his “serious” John Cena promos, which, surprise-surprise, didn’t really work when he was in there with a professional comedian!

Long story short, Cena got his revenge by AA’ing Stewart for his troubles while Flair strutted off, just happy to be on the show again.

It’s unclear when Stewart will be back, as it appears his involvement in the angle is over. Still, Stewart has done enough in the last two days to basically ensure he’s going to be elected to the WWE Hall of Fame celebrity wing in the near future. Unlike most guest stars, it’s clear Stewart actually likes wrestling, which is a nice change of pace from every other guest host in WWE history.

Regardless of your feeling on Stewart’s involvement in the championship match on Sunday, he’s certainly garnered some outside buzz for the WWE product, and looks like he enjoyed himself getting to act out what was likely a long-time dream of his. Just remember, it could be worse. It could have been Buzz Aldrin.