Jonathan Coachman Says The Wrong Match Ended WrestleMania 32, And Here’s Why

Almost two months later, the WrestleMania 32 main event is still a topic of conversation. Roman Reigns and Triple H battled for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship for almost half an hour, seven hours into the WrestleMania festivities. Stone Cold Steve Austin shared his thoughts on why the match didn’t work for him, calling it “way too long.” The Internet was far less constructive.

The latest WWE personality to comment on the match and its placement on the card is Jonathan Coachman, former WWE announcer and current Friend of WWE at ESPN. On a recent episode of The Ross Report, The Coach explained why Shane McMahon and The Undertaker’s Hell in a Cell match should’ve ended the show instead of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match:

“The one thing I would have changed, and [JR] will remember this, when Rock and Hogan finally met in Toronto [at WrestleMania X8], and that was the year they decided that the championship was going to mean everything. And so, Triple H and Jericho went after that match. Such a mistake! That match was epic. It was 45 minutes of brilliance and the play-by-play was brilliant. And I thought, “This is going to be Toronto all over again.” That’s what it felt like to me. People want to see Shane jump off the cage or jump off the cell and then go through the table and have that look from Taker be [the last image before going] off the air.”

Coach continued with the kind words for Shane, including this bold statement:

“If he wouldn’t have been Vince’s son, he would be considered one of the great performers of all time.”

So what do you think? Is the Coach correct? Should the Hell in a Cell match have ended WrestleMania 32? Is Shane O’Mac one of the greatest of all time?

(transcription h/t to Wrestling Inc)