Just A Painting Of Macho Man Randy Savage And A Man’s Dead Dog Looking Down On Him From Heaven

I couldn’t fit “… while he swings in a garden and clutches an obese cat” into the headline, but that’s also important.

The late, great Macho Man Randy Savage is the subject of a lot of bizarre modern art. We’ve already seen him get the minimalist treatment, show up as a dragon in a Skyrim mod and sell frozen bananas to Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant, but … how do I say it? There’s something special about this painting of Mach hanging out in Heaven with a guy’s dead dog, watching that guy play with an enormous cat in a beautiful, pastoral garden. It belongs in a museum.

Why does it exist? The explanation, via Imgur:

I’ve told my girlfriend many times I like to think Randy Savage and my dog Scout are looking down on me and my cat from heaven. She commissioned this painting to reflect that thought.

That doesn’t really explain how Macho Man ended up with some random guy’s dog (or how the guy managed to drag a cat THAT fat THIS far outside), but I’ll allow it. I hope you spend the rest of the day finding comfort in this masterpiece, and/or imagining your dead pets hanging out with your favorite dead wrestlers.