Kairi Sane Credits Io Shirai With Helping Her Through A Medical Emergency


It wasn’t that long ago that Kairi Sane and Io Shirai, the Sky Pirates, were the most exciting women’s tag team in NXT, and we were all expecting them to challenge Sasha and Bayley for the Women’s Tag Titles soon after WrestleMania. Then, of course, the IIconics won the titles, Sasha left, Kairi got called up to join a different tag team, and Io got in touch with her violent side as a singles wrestler. None of that changes the fact that Kairi and Io are best friends in real life and have been for years. On social media this weekend, Kairi told a story of how much that friendship means to her.

This is the first time Kairi revealed that she was hospitalized with anaphylactic shock, which is an extreme and often life-threatening form of allergic reaction. In a follow-up tweet in Japanese, she added even more directly, ” It was unquestionably Io that saved my life at that time.”

These tweets came late Saturday night, after Io Shirai had lost her bid for the NXT Women’s Championship at TakeOver XXV, although Io’s violent outburst after the match have a lot of fans more excited about her character in NXT than ever before. Obviously that side of Io is miles away from caring for Kairi when she was sick, but it’s always nice to know for sure that the wrestlers we’re rooting for really are good, caring people.