Kane Strongly Believes In Braun Strowman As WWE’s Next Big Star

Braun Strowman has impressed a lot of people with his performance this year. After several matches with Roman Reigns over the last six months, two better than expected Raw matches with Big Show that led to a ring breaking moment and his breakout performance at SummerSlam, Strowman deserves a lot of the praise he has received. For us fans to praise him is one thing, but when one of the biggest wrestlers of the last 20 years puts him over in a big way, it shows how well Strowman has been doing.

Kane recently appeared on Jim Ross’ podcast to talk about his current run in the mayoral race in Knox County, Tennessee, but don’t worry: they talked about wrestling, too.

Kane isn’t active in WWE for the time being (he hasn’t officially retired) because of his political aspirations, but in the last few years he got to work with Strowman quite a bit when Strowman was part of the Wyatt Family.

Here are some thoughts from Kane on Strowman, with thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.

“I think he’s doing great and I agree with [Ross that Strowman can be the next big thing in WWE]. I think he’s going to be a big star. I was talking to people today that were just talking about him and the thing about it was, when he first came up, he was really green and hadn’t been in the [professional wrestling] business very long. He came from a strongman background. He has lost like 50 lbs. or more than that since he came along with WWE, so imagine how big he was before because he’s enormous now! He [has] done a good job of getting himself into ring shape. And, I mean, he [has] got it all. And I agree with [Ross]. I think he’s going to be a big star. He [has] got a great attitude as well and often, unfortunately, that’s people’s biggest enemy is when you don’t have a great attitude, but you’ve got all the other gifts, you ain’t going to go nowhere. But he does have a great attitude. I think he’s going to go somewhere.”

Kane made a great point about Strowman’s size. He was always big, but when you look at him now he has slimmed down and you can see how well he can move around the ring with the kind of speed you don’t normally see in a 300 pounder.

Strowman’s next chance to impress the WWE Universe will take place at No Mercy on September 24, when he challenges Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship.